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The Home Care Development Project has reached its eighteenth year in operation. The project provides an essential practical and emotional support to frail elders in our community who are struggling to live independently in their own home. The support and assistance provided by the project gives the service users greater independence and freedom. Services offer in the form of:

Domestic Care

  • Housework, Cooking, Hovering, Laundry, Washing-up,
  • Cleaning, Linen Changing, Rubbish Distribution,
  • Ironing

Personal Care

  • Bed assistance, Bathing, Dressing, Oral hygiene,
  • Feeding, Toiletting

Social and Financial Care

  • Shopping, Collecting pensions and benefits, pay off
  • Bill payment, Advocacy, Escorting
The users are encouraged to take an active role in determining how the service is provided. Therefore, placing more control into the hands of the users in improving their own quality of life. Our continual effort to provide a comprehensive and high quality range of domiciliary services has been met with a desirable result. In comparison to the past three years, there has been a significant increase in the number of service users. In addition, the home care service is backed with an improved administrative system that constantly evaluates and caters for the changing needs of our service users. In an effort to increase the number of beneficiaries to the service we have actively:

  • Perform outreach visitation
  • Listen to and take account of people’s needs with our befriending scheme
  • Provide advocacy work
  • Produce many informative and bilingual publications
  • Promote through word of mouth

The Association recognises the importance of volunteer and the role they play in the development of the care services. As a direct result from their involvement, the care service promotion is able to extend beyond the normal boundaries enabling the service to reach the right people at the right place at the right time thus reducing the number of vulnerable older people that are left at risk in their own homes. To show our appreciation, Certificates of Recognition were presented to volunteers to honour their involvement and contribution. The Home Care Service is part of the Association’s Elderly Service provision and is based at 680 Commercial Road in Tower Hamlets. The service is made up of:

  • 1 x P/T Registered Manager
  • 1 x P/T Quality Assurance Manager
  • 1 x P/T Trainee Home Care Manager
  • 1 x P/T Administrator
  • 1 x P/T General Assistant
  • Pool of Support Workers/Home Care Workers

The majority of our service users are older people of Chinese origin, but the service also addresses the needs of disabled adults and people with mental illness. The Home Care Service has an annual budget of around £ 350,000, the vast majority of which is spent on meeting staff costs. In recent years Chinese Association of Tower Hamlets has increasingly earned a reputation for high quality and high standards of service delivery; from both Service Users and Health Professionals, exceeding the“National Minimum Standards” in many cases. We recognise it is importanttogive people as much choice and control over their lives as possible and therefore we offer a service which takes into account a Service Users personal preferences as far as absolutely possible.Your dignity,privacy and retention of independence will be of paramount importance in the delivery of your care and support

 We provide a service to:

      • Adults aged 18 years+
      • Adults with sensory impairment
      • Adults with mental health needs
      • Adults with dementia
      • Adults with learning difficulties
      • Adults with physical disabilities
      • Respite care(providing help to give a regular care rabreak)
      • Adultswith terminal illness– end of life care
      • Adultswho are recovering from illness
      • Adults who are ill
 什麼是長者社區護理服務? 長者社區護理服務旨在協助長者盡量留在社區中安享晚年,以及為護老者提供支援。為了實踐「老有所屬」及「持續照顧」的施政方針,社會福利署會因應服務對象的不同需要,提供護理、照顧和復康服務,以滿足有需要人士在家中安老的意願。 大致上社會福利署會提供服務予兩類的服務個案: ¨ 體弱個案: – 體弱長者:指那些經安老服務統一評估機制評定為身體機能中度或嚴重受損的體弱長者,並需要一系列護理服務。如只需要個人照顧,簡單護理及/或其他支援服務 (如家居服務、護送、膳食服務等) – 殘疾人士:指那些需要一系列護理服務的嚴重肢體傷殘人士。 ¨ 普通個案: – 身體機能沒有或輕度受損的個案 服務內容:
¨ 護理計劃 ¨ 基本及特別護理
¨ 個人照顧 ¨ 復康運動
¨      簡單護理 ¨ 護老者支援服務
¨ 日間照顧服務 ¨ 暫託服務
¨ 日間到戶看顧 ¨  24小時緊急支援
¨ 輔導服務 ¨ 家居照顧及膳食服務
¨ 家居環境安全評估及改善建議 ¨ 家居清潔
¨ 交通及護送服務 ¨  洗衣服務
¨ 購物及送遞服務
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