Elderly Luncheon Club

The aim of the C.A.T.H's Elderly Luncheon Club has always been providing a safe, warm, friendly and welcoming environment to elderly people of Chinese Origin. A place to come to enjoy each other's company to have lunch, share and/ or participate in cultural group activities. Above all, the venue acts as a crucial access point to many other services.

The Association feels in order to provide a holistic service to our user groups, we must evolve with time to better cater for their changing needs. Early this year, the Association has appointed a new Luncheon Club Co-ordinator to oversee the daily operation of the Elderly Luncheon Club. As a result, significant changes were made in the following areas:

  • Service Identification: the role of the Luncheon Club Co-ordinator made daily contact with all the users of the Luncheon Club and acted as an indicator to other services that the user might consider to undertake. As a result, it increased greater availability and awareness.  
  • Meals Delivery: a new procedure was put in place to improve the efficiency of meals delivery to ensure all dishes were available at the right time.  
  • Health and Safety on Food Management: the new procedure also has in place a system for collecting dishes once the lunch was over. Through the establishment of new procedures, the quality of food has improved and the number of service users has increased.

Chinese people place great emphases on traditional values and cultural activities. Every year, without fail, the Association organises cultural events to celebrate our heritage and promote cross cultural understanding with other ethnic groups. Activities include:

  • Easter
  • Dragon Boat Festival
  • Mid-Autumn Festival
  • Christmas
  • New Year Celebration

Along with cultural events, the Association had organised other activities that help to enrich elders' lives and rise awareness of their health through day trips and health talks.