Chinese Home Care Services

The Home Care Development Project has reached its eighteenth year in operation. The project provides an essential practical and emotional support to frail elders in our community who are struggling to live independently in their own home. The support and assistance provided by the project gives the service users greater independence and freedom. Services offer in the form of:

Domestic Care

Our dedicated team provides assistance with various household tasks, including housework, cooking, hovering, laundry, washing-up, cleaning, linen changing, rubbish distribution, and ironing.


Personal Care

Our trained caregivers offer compassionate support with bed assistance, bathing, dressing, oral hygiene, feeding, and toiletting, ensuring their personal care needs are met with utmost respect.

Social and Financial Care

Social and Financial Care

We provide dedicated support with shopping, pensions and benefits collection, bill payment management, advocacy services, and appointment or social outing accompaniment.

Our Commitment to Service Expansion

At The Chinese Association of Tower Hamlets , we prioritize the active involvement of our users in shaping the delivery of our services, placing more control in their hands to improve their quality of life. Our comprehensive range of domiciliary services has yielded remarkable results, with a significant increase in the number of satisfied service users over the past three years. To continuously cater to their changing needs, we have implemented an improved administrative system that constantly evaluates and adapts to ensure their satisfaction.

To expand the reach of our services and benefit more individuals, we actively engage in various initiatives:

  • Perform outreach visitation
  • Implement a befriending scheme that values and addresses people’s needs
  • Provide effective advocacy work
  • Develop informative and bilingual publications
  • Promote through word of mouth

Our Comprehensive Services for Diverse Needs

While our primary focus is on serving the older Chinese community, our Home Care Service also caters to the needs of disabled adults and individuals with mental illness. We allocate a significant portion of our annual budget, around £350,000, to meet staffing requirements. Over the years, the Chinese Association of Tower Hamlets has earned a well-deserved reputation for delivering services of the highest quality and standards, exceeding the “National Minimum Standards” in many instances. We strongly believe in offering personalized services that respect individual preferences, ensuring dignity, privacy, and the preservation of independence.

Our services are tailored to meet the needs of:

  • Adults aged 18 years and above
  • Adults with sensory impairment
  • Adults with mental health needs
  • Adults with dementia
  • Adults with learning difficulties
  • Adults with physical disabilities
  • Respite care, providing regular care breaks
  • Adults with terminal illness, including end-of-life care
  • Adults in recovery from illness
  • Adults in need of temporary care during illness

At The Chinese Association of Tower Hamlets , we are committed to providing exceptional Chinese Homecare Services that prioritize individual needs, empower users, and enhance their overall well-being.

Our Home Care Service Team

We deeply appreciate the vital role played by volunteers in the development of our care services. Their involvement allows us to extend our service promotion beyond conventional boundaries, reaching the right people at the right time and reducing the vulnerability of older individuals in their own homes. To honor their invaluable contribution, we present Certificates of Recognition to our dedicated volunteers.

Based at 680 Commercial Road in Tower Hamlets, our Home Care Service comprises the following dedicated professionals:

  • 1  Registered Manager
  • 2  Nominated Individuals
  • 2  Care Coordinators
  • 20 Home Care Workers and Support Workers

The Home Care Service Team


Lisa Fung Tai Lo – Care Worker of the Year 2023

2023 年度最優秀家居護理員

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